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Japanese for Adults

Tool / Zoom or Skype  *only one-to-one lesson 
 Age / for over 13yo
Time/ 45 mins
 Fee / 3,000 yen /1lesson
        12,000 yen /4lessons

●Trial lesson
  If you are interested in my lessons, please take a trial lesson first.

     Application form:

■For Starter to Beginner  

Example lesson contents

  1. letter (Hiragana ・Katakana)
  2. self-introduction
  3. foods 
  4. house 
  5. life 
  6. holiday   
  7. town 
  8. shopping  
  9. trip 

・The texts are either "Marugoto" or "Irodori" published by the Japan Foundation.
・Conversation-based lessons, but I will give quizzes to check to understand grammar and an achievement quiz from the textbook.

■For Intermediate

Unlike the beginner level, students learn about Japanese culture as well as Japanese expressions appropriate to the intermediate level.

Example lesson contents

  1. Meeting people for the first time 
  2. Food I recommend 
  3. My favorite music 
  4. Let’s go to a hot spring  
  5. How have you been lately? 
  6. Let’s read manga 
  7. Take on the challenge of martial arts!  
  8. Convenient gadgets  
  9. Traditional festivals  

・Basically, the text is "Marugoto" published by the Japan Foundation.
・Conversation-based lessons, but I will give quizzes to check to understand grammar and an achievement quiz from the textbook.

■Enjoy Conversation

Relax and talk to me as if you were talking to a friend. I like to hear about new things and life values. I would love to hear your story.

※Please do not talk about offensive, sexual topics or behavior that is not respectful.


・I really like studying Japanese with Nao-san. Her lessons are well prepared, she is funny and has thought me so much in such a short time. :) (M-san) 


・Had a great time. Nao is very pleasant to talk with. She's really helpful when I tried to push my speaking a little further than my ability allows. Keep a notebook handy! (G-san) 


・Very nice, Joyful and friendly lesson with Nao sensei we talked about so many things and it was really fun, looking forward to the next lesson. (Y-san) 


・Well prepared lesson with a great presentation and practice questions and a lot of new words about restaurants and izakaya, it's always fun to talk to Nao san :) (Y-san)  


・I like your manner of teaching and relating which is professional but relaxed. I think it is important to feel that learning is fun even if the Japanese language is difficult. I am very satisfied with my lessons and find them both enjoyable and helpful. (I-san) 


・The lessons are fun, interactive, relaxed, and very multimedia which I like. (M-san) 


・Speaking Japanese with Nao was a fantastic lesson for many reasons! First, she is organized and is able to use resources to focus on a topic to discuss about. This is great for someone who is unsure of what to talk about in another language (as I do!). Second, the flow of discussion is probably my favorite part of the lesson. We talked about current news in Japan and then the discussion organically flowed to our opinions, and personal experiences, and into other areas of relative interest. This is what I look for in speaking partners because talking in a language I'm learning just feels natural! And I have to mention that Nao is very friendly, encouraging, and direct, and is able to understand even when communication is a little challenging. One hour seems long but when it's this engaging time just flies by, so I hope to take another lesson in the future! Thank you, Nao! (M-san) 


・I loved how friendly and warm Nao先生 was. I got to learn new things/words. (F-san) 




・You don’t rush on me and also you are really patient and clear told everything (M-san)